Free Dekaron website service
Free Dekaron website service
Encrypted, secure, fast website for your dekaron private server.

Get started today!


Key features


Our servers and code are built for performance and up-time.
No more worrying about DDoS attacks via your website/registration page.
You are also protected against SQL injection attacks.


This service is built and designed by Zander, a long time PHP/Serverside developer of Dekaron private servers.
He's bringing you everything he has learned over the years with ZanDekaron, so your server can be successful.


This service is built with security and performance as the top priority.
Using us as your primary website you can focus your attention on your server.

How it works

First, a secure webhook is installed on your server. It uses Apache/PHP to listen for communication from us.
Next, you configure your server information and customize your website. This is where you enter the IP address that we will communicate to, this IP is not shown to the public.
That's all!




Yes, completely free!

20% fee on player purchases, no Stripe fee.

  • Home page with links and news
  • User registration
  • Online players
  • Vote for coins/items
  • Deadfront and siege timer
  • Login with password managment
  • View character info
  • Admin panel
    Character/Account baning
    DC Player
    Character/Account Editing
    Create and send items (coming soon)
    Item search (coming soon)
  • Stripe payment systems
  • USD to Token exchange (40% fee)
  • Automatic D-Shop coin delivery
  • Character customizations (coming soon)
  • Custom Item Creator
    Magic, Noble, Divine stats
    Automatic delivery
  • Auto updates
  • Link back to your server
A quick shoutout to
When I started with dekaron private servers they were a big help in learning all the basics of how to setup a server.